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Expertise and passion for botanical products
Ever since 1930 we are known for our worldwide unique expertise regarding botanical products. In strong collaboration with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions for the food, tea, phytopharmaceutical and animal nutrition industries. The reason for our success is our passion and love for nature.

Meaningless whether it is about peppermint, hibiscus or mate: Our products are based on sustainably sourced, high-quality botanical raw materials and will be processed using certified methods.

Our main goal: Creations and innovations for tomorrow’s most successful products.

As a family company with strong local roots and a global presence, we aim to drive sustainability on both a local and a global scale, thus accepting our responsibility throughout these four areas of focus. As a result, we follow the Agenda 2030, the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable sourcing of finest botanical raw materials
Our supply chain goes right back to our botanical raw materials`​ countries of origins, which means we can have a targeted influence on social and ecological conditions there, in particular through various projects. Furthermore, our determination regarding this topic is stressed through our self-developed sourcing standard mabagrown®. As our botanical raw materials are sourced from over 80 countries, the positive impact of our actions on a global scale is remarkable.

Part of the nature network®
We are part of the nature network®, a family business in its fourth generation. We strive for value adding growth of long duration.

More than 4.000 motivated employees in the nature network® use their decades of experience to provide this advantage.

Over 20 production and distribution sites enable us to operate directly at our customers`​ local markets. Passing this advantage on to you is our purpose.

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Lukac Zoltan

Berlin, Berlin, 12159, Germany